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Friday, October 21, 2011

K-Pop Maniac !!

in Malaysia at this time arose a new frenzy of madness to the group of Korean idol ..
I also do not forget to follow this madness .. which is the madness of my group is the group that consists of five members who are very handsome and charismatic, led by kim hyun joong, heo young saeng, kim kyu jong, park jung min and  kim hyung joon .. group is intended SS501 .. :))


in this group the most interests me kim kyu jong ..he has many attractions that make me interested of the many reasons is that he has a very good voice.
that can cause us to melt when you hear his voice.
in addition he can also bring high and low tone ..
if he can bring any song ..

I think I should stop now.
I will continue writing about this group later ..waiting for the continue:))

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